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The right copywriting can captivate, evoke emotion and sell


The right copywriting can captivate, evoke emotion and sell
The claim that people today don't read long texts is a myth. People don't read boring long texts. Companies often write huge, water-filled texts for SEO, forgetting that copywriting is a powerful tool that can turn visitors into fans.

What is the process?



Let's talk about your awesome project, learn everything there is to know about the project, the goals, values and how you want to be perceived. You'll tell us what you want to achieve with the text - tell a story, sell, explain, make us laugh or create controversy. We'll also find out what personality and voice your brand has - whether it's more funny than serious, (un)formal, polite or cheeky, enthusiastic or matter-of-fact.

Research and Benchmarking

We will analyze local and international competitors, benchmark the most suitable text types and add specific examples to the database. We will prepare first drafts of texts and submit them to you.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou
proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

Writing and Testing

We turn the approved drafts into text that is proofread by 2 independent teams and proofreading software. We will then present the texts to the target audience and make any necessary adjustments.





Selling tool

Yes, we don't like to be pushed or sold something. But properly written text should evoke a sense of added value. Headlines like "12 ways to...", "7 simple steps to..." or "A quick guide to..." will get people to click on the link, but clickbait isn't enough. One clear value-added text will sell far more than 10 copy-paste texts.


Growing Fans

With the right copywriting, you can build a loyal fan base that will grow. Do you sell shoes? Write an article on how to care for shoes or a checklist on how to ensure maximum shoe life. Promoting a mobile app? Focus on your target audience's pain points and tell them how your app will solve their problems.


SEO ranking

Well-written and structured text can propel you to the top of the search engine rankings. If SEO is key to your project, keep in mind that the length of the text ja crucial. Articles of 1200+ words are like a balm for the search engines and with enough number and frequency of posting over time you will get to the top positions in search.


Capturing personality

Text is the best tool for capturing a brand's personality and voice, using text can help you communicate your values and vision easily. Is your brand informative or informal? Is it witty and cheeky or serious and polite? Whether you're writing blog articles, advertising headlines, or replies to Insta comments, text is the perfect tool to express your brand's persona.





We write copy that sells

We write copy that adds value and makes it sell. We look at copy through the eyes of our customers and try to give them exactly what they are looking for.


Building a relationship

With every piece of text we try to deepen and strengthen the relationship with your brand's fans, whether it's a short caption or a two-page longread.


We choose the right words

We choose each word carefully and meticulously to evoke the right emotions, leave the right footprint and have the right impact on SEO.


We write in harmony

We know your brand is distinctive and authentic. That's why we write copy to properly express its personality and values across all communication channels.


proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm thorough.

I'm a detail freak. With a handful of perfectionism and a ton of curiosity, I will dive into not only your project but the entire industry.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm patient

I know that life is fast and chaotic, everything is being solved and changed on the go, documents were lost and the deadline was last Friday.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm experienced

My experience in auditing, setting up, launching, managing and promoting projects in a wide variety of industries allows me to look at your project from all possible angles.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm a punk

I'm not a big agency that's scrupulous about its margins. I know the times we live in and what's going on around us. I don't call myself a "punk" just because it sounds good.

Let's see if we're a match.
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