punková marketingová agentura s vášní pro vkusný design
A website is an integral part of a business


A website is an integral part of a business
Shoes make the man and the web makes the company. And what makes a company? It designs a website that doesn't fulfill its core purpose - it doesn't sell. Or sells less than it could. At, we create responsive, user-friendly and search engine optimized websites.

What is the process?


Zadání a brainstorm

Provedeme audit Vašeho projektu, konkurence a oboru. Spolu zjistíme cíl webových stránek, do detailů rozebereme customer journey a dáme dohromady seznam požadovaných funkcí. Nakreslíme strukturu webu, zvolíme druhy obsahu webových stránek a typ frameworku či CMS.

Design and Development

We will design the structure of the website according to the brief and create all pages with the layout of the required elements. After that, we will start designing and creating a user-friendly and responsive website. We will not forget about GDPR and cookies.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou
proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

Content and SEO

The next step is to add text to the website, upload images and photos, and embellish the content with animations. We then optimize the content and code of the website for search engines. As part of SEO, we integrate Google Analytics, Search Console and ahrefs.





Proof of Existence

Today, the web is not an option but the default setting for businesses. Having an outdated website is an omission and not having a website is an unforgivable mistake.


Sales Intermediary

The right website opens up a lot of new customer acquisition opportunities - from PPC advertising to organic traffic to your blog.


Correct impression

Almost everyone has a website. But how can you stand out in the industry? The answer is the right impression to give site visitors a sense of credibility.


5 seconds

Customers take 5 seconds to understand if you can meet their needs. If they don't find you at the top of Google or find an unresponsive site, they will turn to a competitor.





Web that "sells"

Look at Bazos - it's a UX nightmare. However, it accomplishes its primary goal - it sells, and it's one of the most visited websites in the country. Whether you're selling watermelons, lifestyle or mobile apps, we'll build a site that meets its goal.


Tasteful Design

We create tasteful websites and follow the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. We help people understand what the company offers and fall in love with it. At the same time, we create websites so that you can make corrections or add content independently.



How many times have you come across an advertisement for an "SEO specialist" who charges 800 Kč per hour? We build websites so that you don't spend tens of thousands on SEO. We will teach you how to climb to the top positions of Google without big investments and deep knowledge in the field.



You probably know that people browse most websites from mobile devices. But do you know how many different display resolutions there are? You don't need to, because we design responsive websites for all devices - Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.


proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm thorough.

I'm a detail freak. With a handful of perfectionism and a ton of curiosity, I will dive into not only your project but the entire industry.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm patient

I know that life is fast and chaotic, everything is being solved and changed on the go, documents were lost and the deadline was last Friday.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm experienced

My experience in auditing, setting up, launching, managing and promoting projects in a wide variety of industries allows me to look at your project from all possible angles.

proč spolupracovat s punkovou marketingovou agenturou

I'm a punk

I'm not a big agency that's scrupulous about its margins. I know the times we live in and what's going on around us. I don't call myself a "punk" just because it sounds good.

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