punková marketingová agentura s vášní pro vkusný design


Creative and funny series of postcards for tourists and visitors to Prague


About client

Czechmycard is the first creative and funny series of postcards for tourists and visitors to Prague.


Create complete branding (positioning, naming and logo), create illustrations and come up with new postcards.


From the original name "Prague cards", in line with the brand's positioning, we designed a more original name "Czechmycard" - a play on the words "check" and "Czech", and we used a croissant as the logo, because it is a croissant, after all, it must not be missed.

In order to create something uniquely funny and creative, we decided to take the most famous Prague and Czech elements and wrap them in funny catchphrases.
We took the trdelník, the Prague Astronomical Clock, the Dancing House and the beautiful rooftops of Prague and added a little "whimsy" to them.

While working with Czechmycard we had creative freedom, came up with lots of ideas for cards and had a lot of fun doing it!

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