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Squid Game

Branding and design for Squid Game in Brno

Squid Game

About client

Squid Game is a two-week game show based on the well-known Netflix series.


Our brief was to design a logo, graphics, a simple website with a form, lots of graphics, costumes and props for the game.


We used a font similar to the original and a pink color instead of red.

For the invitations, rules and most of the graphics we chose animated illustrations with neon effect.

We came up with a lot of tasteful designs and got tens of thousands of views and hundreds of submissions across the site.

We also came up with and shot a promo for Squid Game in Brno, which we used in the ad and got over 30,000 views.

Even though the Squid Game in Brno took place during the COVID-19 period, we managed to get over 250 entries for a bar with a total capacity of 40 people.

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