punková marketingová agentura s vášní pro vkusný design

Smokeberry Brno

Photo, video, web and SMM for a bar in Brno

Smokeberry Brno

About client

Smokeberry is a sushi and pipe bar in Brno.


Our challenge was to come up with a way for the restaurant to advertise pipes, since Google and Facebook block all advertising with images and words associated with pipes or smoking. We also had to create content for social networks and websites.


In order to promote the restaurant on Google, we proposed to create a new website that would only have information about sushi and drinks and no mention of Smokeberry or pipes. We called it Brnosushi and put the site on its own domain

We have prepared photos, videos and animations for the main Instagram account.

For social media ads, we created a separate Instagram account that didn't post photos of the hookahs, which allowed us to run ads.

We also made a lot of promo videos for social networks.

These demos are short videos for Insta stories and reels.

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