punková marketingová agentura s vášní pro vkusný design


Branding, mobile app and SMM for a football app


About client

Kouch is a mobile app for monitoring football players.


Our task was to come up with a name; design the branding, including logo and brand colors; design and develop the mobile app.


We came up with the name "Kouč" because the app will serve as a tool for coaches and managers, a portfolio for players and a database for scouts. We chose a slanted font and instead of the letter "o" we designed a map pin with a ball inside.

For the mobile app itself, we chose React Native to avoid developing separately for iOS and Android.

We designed a simple familiar interface with classic football UI and UX.

We integrated the app with FAČR for easy player addition and synchronization of personal data and match results. We added dark and light view along with tasteful interface elements.

For the future social media feed, we designed several types of posts, from football stats and analysis to tips and tricks for players.

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