punková marketingová agentura s vášní pro vkusný design


Mobile app, branding and website for a delivery project in Prague


About client

Mamto is a delivery app with a marketplace packed with businesses in Prague. The most convenient delivery of anything. The only app that resolves purchases expressly. Food and grocery delivery in 15 minutes.


Our task was to create a mobile app, complete branding for Mamto, strategies for different target groups, graphics, copywriting and many other things.


We decided to use a rounded font for the logo and a tilted exclamation point to show the dynamics, as this is a mobile app for express delivery. We took the first letter and the exclamation point as the shortened logo.

The mobile app itself was very comprehensive - Mámto includes a marketplace of Czech businesses, delivery of food and groceries from stores and delivery of anything, including orders from e-shops. In addition, Mámto offered free sandwiches and coffee to its users. We designed the complete structure, interface and design of all elements of the mobile app.

We created a website for Mamto with pages for couriers, restaurants, shops and applicants. Thanks to the capabilities of Webflow, we were able to implement a lot of animations and tasteful elements.

For Mamo, we implemented the term "teleportation" to represent the speed of delivery in the tagline "Prague Teleportation". We took inspiration from the animated series Rick and Morty and used teleport in the app, website, print materials and advertising.

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