punková marketingová agentura s vášní pro vkusný design

Můj Pampas

Branding, website, SMM and graphics for a dried flower studio

Můj Pampas

About client

Můj Pampas is a unique dry flower studio in Prague and across the country.


Our task was to design the corporate identity along with logo, colors and fonts, design SEO optimized e-shop, website for partners, publish products on all available marketplaces, create graphics and photos for social media.


For the logo, we chose soft pampas colours and the abbreviated name of the store My Pampas inside a thin circle with a sprig of dry flower.

To meet all the client's requirements for the e-shop (appearance, integration with the marketplace, SEO and speed), we chose Shopify and modified the purchased template according to the client's wishes.

We proposed to create a website for potential partners to replace the existing .pdf presentations that were sent via email. We created the web content for the partners within a few days, as 99% of the content was photos.

We integrated the My Pampas products into and, we had to create XML files to upload and sync the products and take a photo of all the products on a white background. We also posted the e-shop offer on Google Shopping and Facebook/Instagram store.

For Můj Pampas, we created countless online and offline graphics.

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